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Top 7 Bad Habits that can harm your heart

Heart are responsible for pumping blood and provide all the nutrients needed by the body to function properly.

Although we know that the heart is a vital organ of the body, however often we do the 7 bad habits either consciously or unconsciously. Here is the bad habit that can harm your heart

Top 7 Bad Habits that can harm your heart

Consuming alcohol
Every now and then it is allowed to consume alcohol. But lest you become an alcoholic. Consumed too much alcohol is dangerous for your heart. Addition of alcohol is also harmful to the bones, lowering memory and improve hypertension.

Eating too much salt
The salt will make the blood pressure in your heart so that you too jumped at risk for high blood pressure. High blood pressure can also trigger heart attacks and strokes.

lack of exercise
Exercise will help your body stay healthy and keep weight stable. But if we are lazy to exercise, then slowly but surely the weight will soar. The jump in weight is likely to impact not good for heart health.

Depression, anxiety, and stress will bring big impact on your health, including your heart health.

Eating unhealthy foods
Besides full of salt, unhealthy foods are also rich in fat and sugar. In addition to increasing obesity, unhealthy food to be the main trigger of heart disease risk.


Cigarettes are full of toxins and other chemicals to help increase the risk of heart disease by 30 %.

lack of sleep
Lack of sleep causes hormonal imbalance. Stress hormones will also be increased so that will also indirectly affect the health of your heart. In order to keep your heart healthy, try to sleep around 7-8 a day.

Those are some habits that often we do everyday. Unconsciously, these habits will destroy the health of our heart.

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