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Strong Bones with 6 Vitamins

Many of us think that to have a strong bone just need vitamin D, this is wrong because Apparently there are five other vitamins needed for strong bones. What is it? Listen more, as reported by Mag for Women following.

Top 6 Vitamins for Strong Bones

vitamin D
In order for calcium and phosphorus levels remained stable, consumption of vitamin D required by the body. Because if this vitamin deficiency, bone abnormalities risk. Meanwhile, if you want vitamin D absorbed well by the body, you need to consume omega-3 fatty acids.
Vitamin C
Vitamin C is needed to help the production of collagen. If the network has enough collagen, other compounds are held together and easier to build strong bones.
Vitamin K
To increase bone density, the body also needs vitamin K. This type of vitamin can prevent bone easily cracked due to his ' lead' the calcium from the blood to the bone.
Vitamin B12
A study never mentions that vitamin B12 deficiency is able to weaken bones. So in addition to vitamin D, do not forget to increase the consumption of foods rich in vitamin K for strong bones.

Potassium duty to balance the acidity levels in the body. Potassium also plays a role in preventing calcium that is not disposed of by the body. So including mineral potassium which strengthens bones.

One mineral that is not less important for strong bones is magnesium. His job is to maximize the absorption of calcium for strong bones.

That top 6 vitamins that strengthen bones. Fulfill all of them in order to maintain your bone health.

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