Minggu, 03 November 2013

Research:Flu symptoms in women more violent than men

So far, it seems that more men suffer when exposed to flu. In fact, a survey revealed that women often experience more severe symptoms as the flu. They also complain more when exposed to the flu.

This survey shows that the flu that attacked woman survived 20 percent longer and had more severe symptoms than the flu in men. Meanwhile, 21 percent of women also spend their first day in bed flu. Only 16 percent of men who do so.

Women are also known to complain about the cold they suffer. But about 25 percent of women said they had done to get the attention of those around him, as reported by the Daily Mail (31/10).

On the other hand, about 13 percent of men want to be noticed by her partner to get rid of the flu. While 14 percent say they want to be entertained and made ​​to laugh, so that they can feel better.

According to the woman, the runny nose is the symptom most annoying weight, while for men the itchy and sore throat is a symptom that is considered the most disturbing. research conducted by Beechams also revealed that women twice as likely to use the flu as an excuse to miss work or other activities that do not want them to do.

Women who have children are also known to be frequently absent from work because of flu compared to women who did not have children. Meanwhile, about nine percent of men and five percent of women said they had never had the flu.

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